Pure Fluff Co.

Pure Fluff Co. is a Creatively Clean Cotton Candy Cart Company local to Charleston, South Carolina. Our fluff is made from hand spun organic cane sugar that we flavor naturally. It is always dye free, gluten free, and certified vegan. Since 2015 we have been live spinning fluff from our cute carts around the Lowcountry. Our retail line launched into the wholesale market in 2017 and is now carried in specialty stores and CBD dispensaries nationwide in addition to Amazon & Etsy.

Our Creatively Clean Cotton Candy is a huge hit with young & old alike. Pure Fluff is a refreshingly modern improvement on a nostalgic treat. We utilize only the best ingredients in order to not only make our Fluff gourmet, but a healthy sweet snack option too. We have multiple wholesale accounts with relationships that have spanned years providing a very successful sales history and a dependable fan base. Fun fact: our 1.6oz (2 servings) Fluff Pack has half of the sugar content of a cupcake; plus many of our flavors have surprisingly healthy ingredients like beets, carrots, turmeric, and full spectrum hemp oil!