Fishing on Jupiter

Fishing on Jupiter is the work of Kyle Brown, contemporary artist. Kyle is an American printmaker and painter, a studio artist at Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC.

Kyle creates silkscreen prints and watercolor paintings of fish, fishing lures, insects, oysters, and planets. Works are on paper, canvas, and wood panels. Active series includes: Homage to the Hook, Oyster Moon, and Gravity series watercolor paintings.

Why fish? “Fish are incredibly exotic and bizarre, the perfect inspiration for creative work. I was fascinated to learn that the Wright Brothers developed flight by considering air to be a liquid. This directs my thoughts to the gassy giant planets, with their layers of dense atmosphere, and I dream of the different species that might exist swimming in each colored layer. I began creating art with the idea of pairing species of fish with planets, moons, and constellations.”