Deane V Bowers Art

I create EcoFriendly and Environmentally Responsible Folk Art from materials sourced from the streets and beaches of Charleston. Each piece literally has a piece of Charleston in it as I incorporate street claimed metal, wire, wood, hardware scraps, screws, nails, bottle caps, etc…into every multi-media Assemblage. By rescuing these forgotten objects, I am doing my part to keep Charleston clean and green and create art that has a positive impact on the Environment. I hope to challenge viewers to locate various discarded items and gain new appreciation for their artistic purpose. There is a message of Hope woven into every piece by giving all these forgotten materials a new life and a fresh start. If a battered piece of metal can have a second chance, so can we. If a fragmented piece of wire has creative value and the possibility of an alternative purpose, so can we. By discovering the goodness and unique value in broken, abandoned items, I hope my art will encourage others to embrace and celebrate their own uniqueness and see their shortcomings as beautiful characteristics that make them who they are.